what is the SAMAK?

SAMAK abbreviation for manufacturers of agricultural implements and machines which each letter represents one of the words as follows:

(S) the abbreviation of the "manufacturers"word.

(A) represents the "implements "word.

(M), reminiscent of the "machinery"word.

(K) abbreviation of the "agriculture"word.

Since this association has been registered as a association,therefore,to facilitate it‘scalledSAMAK associationsuccinctly. It’s noted thatthe designed logo has the meanings described asfollows:

1 - SAMAK word is acronym of "manufacturers of agricultural implements and machinery"

2 - gear represents that this associationis industry dependent,

3 - two hands in the middle of the logo would be represent the unity and cooperation with other dependent members,

4 - pen between fingers represents thescientific associationand a relationship bridge between the members and scientific centers,

5- Cluster of wheat indicate that this associationaccount itself as a part of the agricultural sector and as the executive arm of thetime Ministry of Agriculture, will be enforcement policy of theAgricultural Mechanizationof country.

It should be stated that the Manufacturers Association of agricultural machinery and spare parts (SAMAK), is a system which connected to the industry, according to one hundred percent dependent on the agricultural sectorMembers covered by their union and cooperative development and also to benefit from the latest scientific research resultsa small step in the implementation of national policies Mechanization takes to achieve self-reliance boundaries.