At the opening ceremony of the 14th International Exhibition of Agricultural Industry of Isfahan (machinery, and irrigation equipment). Association of Component Builders, Agricultural Machinery and Spare Parts (Samak) at 5 pm on Saturday 9/13/1394 in the presence of senior officials of the country, Doctor of Medicine in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Akbari Deputy Minister of Water and Welfare, Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture, Dr. Abbasi Head of Agricultural Mechanization Development Center, Engineer Hassanzadeh, Head of Testing Center, Engineer Ghasemi, Head of Jahad Agricultural Organization, Provincial Chiefs of Staff, a group of officials, manufacturers and importers of agricultural machinery, expert farmers and also Mayor Fouadian, Haj Hassan Ashraf, city council chairman Ibrahim Ebrahimi, the head of the city council of the city Hassan semnani member of the City Council, and Mr. Abdullah celestial special guests of the city Sorkhe exhibition of automatic drip irrigation system under the name of ((Oct)) unveiled. This device was designed and tested by a teenage girl from Sorkheh province of Semnan, the birthplace of the President of Iran. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Abbasi at the opening ceremony of the Aban Symposium congratulated Ms. Sahar Azarpour as saying that it is a very fortunate thing that a teenager of this age has been able to research in a small way and introduce a device to society. Not only is it needed, but there are fewer experts in the field. He continued to give this innovative teenager gifts. This young man deserves more appreciation than these. Head of the Center for the Development of Mechanization of the Country, when it was informed that the device was the second model of Azarpour production plant. And compared to the previous sample that was accepted by the Kharazmi Festival. There is a huge difference and it's upgraded and upgraded in terms of quality. While pleased to announce the installation of the device to the humidity sensor. And the promise of all the efforts of the Center for the Development of Mechanization of the Country with this young innovator, even in order to support this young inventor and assisting the establishment of a mass production line of the automatic irrigation system, ordered the purchase of two machines from him for the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad To make